Forest City’s largest annual Community event!

 July 18-21, 2019

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Puckerbrush Days, Forest City’s annual community celebration will be July 18-22nd, and as always, there will be a number of exciting events and activities going on around town.

The history behind the unique name of the celebration is an unusual one. Early on, the town was surrounded by a dense bush called Puckerbrush. The bush had a berry on it and when eaten, it would make you pucker. Although the bush has long been gone from Forest City, the name stands as a symbol of city’s history.

Throughout the three day celebration, there are numerous events and entertainment opportunities available for families and community members to do, ranging from the Rotary Club’s chicken barbeque feed, to new events such a downtown party featuring musical entertainment! Don’t miss the fun of the Sand Volleyball Tournament, the Battle of the Businesses and the annual Parade.  Other activities include fire truck rides and a craft show.

“I think every town should have an annual celebration,” said Forest City Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Kathy Rollefson. “Some people may have moved away, or are in town for a family reunion, and this gives them a place to meet and gives them more things to do while they’re here.”

 A complete list of events will be available in June 2019.  

This event is planned and coordinated by a volunteer committee under the Forest City Chamber of Commerce.  If you want to get involved with the committee or volunteer opportunities with this event, contact the Forest City Chamber of Commerce at 641-585-2092.


Thank you to our 2018 sponsors!  We could not host this event without your support.