Forest City Development was established in April 1956 by the Chamber of Commerce to attract industry to Forest City. The jobs created by new companies would replace the numbers of farm families who were being reduced as the size of farms increased. One of its first projects was the formation of Modernistic Industries, Inc. which manufactured travel trailers. This company later became Winnebago Industries Inc.

In November 30, 2001, Forest City Development transferred its assets to Forest City Economic Development Inc., a not-for-profit corporation.


Executive Director

Beth Bilyeu
E-mail: Beth@forestcityia.com

Board of Directors


President Courtney Wooge FCIS Insurance
Vice President John Roisen 3M Distribution
Secretary Cindy Carter Waldorf College
Treasurer Darwin Lehmann Forest City Community Schools

Board of Directors

 Eric Kingland Kingland Construction
Dave Arndt D.K. Arndt, P.C.
Steve Bakke Bakke & Gordon Law Offices
Ray Beebe Retired
Allan Boyken TSB Bank
Dennis Busta MBT
Bob Alsop Waldorf College
Tony Coloff KIOW Radio
Terry Durby Winnebago County Supervisor
Mary Ann Farus First Choice Realty
Lynn Hagenson Farmers Cooperative
Mason Harms Waldorf College
Vickie Tegland Retired
Dave Kingland MBT
Byron Ruiter City of Forest City Mayor
Mark Thoma WCTA
Mike Johnson TSB Bank
Weston Lohry Coloff Digital
Ron Lichtsinn Lichtsinn RV
Pat Lovik Missal Insurance & Real Estate
Barb Smith City Administrator, Forest City
 Chris West Winnebago Industries
Shelley Robson The Quilted Forest



Co-Chairperson – Dennis Busta
Co-Chairperson – Pat Lovik

Create and utilize housing options to increase and diversify the types of housing units in the community; to meet the changing demographics of Forest City and housing needs.

Small Business & Entrepreneurship

Co-Chairperson – Mason Harms
Co-Chairperson – Jonathan Klaassen

Develop and support the recruitment and retention of small businesses and entrepreneurs; to develop a culture that encourages entrepreneurship and small business growth.

Industrial & Large Business

Co-Chairperson – Dave Kingland
Co-Chairperson – John Roisen

Expand the industrial and large business base in Forest City; to diversify by size and type of industry.

Professional & Educational

Co-Chairperson – Steve Bakke
Co-Chairperson – Ray Beebe

Attract medical, dental, legal, accounting, and other professionals; as well as, facilitate interaction and development with Waldorf College and Forest City School Systems.

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Forest City Economic Development

145 South Clark Street
PO Box 306
Forest City, IA 50436

Phone: 641-585-5560
Toll Free: 866-585-2092
Fax: 641-585-2687

Beth Bilyeu

Executive Director