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Operation LZ event is over.  A message from ever coordinator, Riley Lewis –

A popular line from an Iowa corn field was “If We build it, he will come” and this weekend the Vietnam Vets came in a big way. Alaska, Arizona, Memphis, Florida, California, Washington and all points in between were represented. We estimate that 2500+ vets plus their family , friends and public brought from 15,000 -20,000 vet supporters. The memories, handshakes, and watered eyes of grown men and women who received their “Thank you” is hard to explain as it reached deep into all of our souls. A book of a thousand pages would not cover all the stories, experiences and memories made. My thanks to our LZ committee, 250 volunteers and the 120 sponsors. The returns on our investment into Our Vietnam Era Veterans of 40-50 years ago is much greater than we ever thought it would be. We are humbled.
If you have pictures to share or experiences with us on your LZ experience, please share them( on the Operation LZ Facebook page)  as very few of the committee and many volunteers could not experience all the activites. thank you !!

Operation LZ website will be live until October 17th.

Event photos are available at https://operationlz.smugmug.com/