Housing and Rentals

Finding a Place to Live


First Choice Realty

250 North Clark Street
(641) 585-2404

Haugen Realty

109 South Clark Street
(641) 585-4663

Missal Insurance and Realty

234 North Clark Street
(641) 582-3554

Rental Properties

Name Rental Location Contact Info
Conkwright Apt 116 West L Street  641-590-4331
Bowen Rentals Various Apartments 641-582-2381
Brian Current Various Locations 641-585-5750
Pheonix Rentals Various locations  515-341-1671
Serenity Apt West I Street  641-251-4721
Tama Properties Various locations 641-903-9750
Bethanie Farus Various locations 641-903-9700
Townsquare Apts 136 West I Street 641-585-4321
Winngate Village Apts 102, 104 Winngate Drive 712-262-5965
Westown Place Apts 210 Bob Johnson Drive 515-295-2927
Community Plaza Apts 125 Cathedral Oaks Road 712-262-1191

Storage Units

Forest City Storage   641-590-6088
North Iowa Storage 641-582-3218

Housing Incentives for rehab, construction and rental

Whether you are a renting, rehabbing an apartment or house, or building a home, the City of Forest City offers seven incentive programs to to help you live in Forest City or assist with a project.  


Estates of Bear Creek

Steve Bakke
150 North Clark Street
Forest City, IA 50436
View Plat Map ~ pdf file

Executive Estates

Haugen Realty
Janet Haugen
109 South Clark Street
Forest City, IA 50436
View Plat Map ~ pdf file

Prairie View Estates

Mary Ann Farus
250 North Clark Street
Forest City, IA 50436
View Plat Map ~ pdf file