Garage Sale Weekend and Clean Up Days

Forest City Garage Sale Weekend is set for April 29th-30th!

Place your ad in the Summit/Shopper by calling Globe Gazette at (641)-421-0500 by 4pm on April 2st.

Mark your calendars for Clean Up Days!

Boy Scout Clean Up Day- Saturday, May 7th

  • Those who want to arrange a pickup, call City Hall by noon, May 6th at 585-3574
  • City workers will be delivering dumpsters to the City Parking Lot on the Corner of K and 6th Street. This lot must be clear of vehicles from May 5th through May 10th.

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day- Monday, May 16th from 3-6pm

  • Collection Trailer will be located at 346 N. Golf Course Rd.
  • Free Service to residents only- No Businesses!