A New Chapter

Renew. Expand. Connect.

Imagine a community library where every Forest City resident — the retired couple next door, the family down the street, the child who needs a safe place to do homework, the busy professional, the single parent looking for a job, and you — can become more successful, educated, literate, and achieve a more meaningful life. With your partnership, we will renew, expand, and connect to create a vibrant, central hub for community development, access to resources for achievement, and greater social responsibility.
55% of Goal

Our History

The Forest City Public Library opened in 1899. The concept of a library in the community was introduced in 1895 by Mrs. Edwin Perkins, the wife of a local doctor, who gathered a few of her own books and those of friends to start a reading room stocked with good, wholesome reading material.

Community Need

The current Forest City Public Library (Library) has served the community well at its current location for more than 50 years. It has been a hub of activity and a center of community life, offering opportunities to its citizens to learn, to know, to gather, and grow throughout their lives.

Community Solution

In 2018, Forest City government purchased the former Forest City Foods building with the intention of repurposing and renovating the building to become the new home of the Forest City Public Library. The building is in a quiet neighborhood adjacent to the present library.

Capital Campaign Goal

The A New Chapter Campaign goal is $2 million to fund all associated expenditures for the new facility. The goal will be achieved by securing pledges to be made over 1 to 5 years.

Campaign funds will be utilized for the following:

Site preparation

Facility retrofit

Exterior façade

Interior offices, fixtures, and equipment


Your Support

The A New Chapter Capital Campaign will expand and repurpose an existing building into a flexible multipurpose facility that will provide the necessary space for all services and programs in a single venue with “room to grow” in the future.

We have come a long way over the past fifty years and we give thanks for the tremendous support received from Forest City’s citizens, volunteers, and donors who continue to support our Library.

The Forest City Public Library’s future continues to look very bright. Your commitment to our campaign to renovate, expand, and repurpose this facility will help propel us forward to achieve our goal and create A New Chapter in the life of the Forest City Public Library.
200% More Children's Area
Twice the Young Adult's Space
3x the Meeting Space, Including Community Room and 2 New Meeting Rooms
66% More Access to Computers

Library Leadership

Library Staff

Christa Cosgriff, Director
Soni Kegler
Helen Akkermann
Nancy Larson
Linda Jordahl
Trese Hallett

Board of Trustees

Tracy Broesder, President
Jason Barnes, Vice President
Shandra Sarasio Meyer, Secretary
Beth Clouse
Shelley Current
Gail McCarthy
Steve Pickar
Seth Thorson
Beth Tjarks

City Government

Byron Ruiter, Mayor
Daisy Huffman, City Administrator
Forest City Public Library | 115 East L. Street | Forest City, IA 50436 | P: (641) 585-4542