Medallion Hunt 2019

Forest City Christmas 2019 Medallion Hunt

Forest City Christmas Medallion Hunt brought to you by Winnebago Industries and the Forest City Chamber of Commerce.

The Medallion is metal and is about 2 inches. It is hidden somewhere within the City Limits of Forest City. Daily clues are announced on KIOW FM 107.3 at 8:30am and on the City of Forest City Facebook page. No clues will be announced on the weekend.

The prize for finding the medallion is $300 in ‘Forest City Bucks’ which may be redeemed at any Forest City Chamber of Commerce member business. A list of these businesses will be provided.

2019 Medallion Hunt Sponsors are as follows: 

  • Farm & City Insurance Services
  • Siegrist, Jones, & Bakke Law Office
  • Scoopy Doos Ice Cream & More
  • Advanced Door Systems
  • JED’s Lights & Sounds 
  • Metro by T-Mobile 
  • Forest Plaza
  • MBT Bank
  • 3M
  • KIOW


  • The medallion is hidden in an outdoor location that is publicly accessible 24 hours a day, within the city limits of Forest City.
  • The medallion is NOT; buried, in the water or along the river bank. 
  • No digging or climbing is required to find the medallion. (The only exception will be if snow would cover the medallion).
  • Medallion hunters do not have to break any laws to find it. 
  • Medallion hunters must be respectful of businesses and other people. 
  • Clues will be read each morning on KIOW during the Morning Show and the Birthday Show.  After the 2nd reading, the clue for that day will be posted on the City of Forest City, IA Facebook page. 
  • There are 10 total clues.  One clue will be read each day for two weeks, Monday through Friday, beginning Monday, December 2, 2019.  No clues will be released on Saturday or Sunday. 
  • Once found, the Medallion should be returned to the Forest City Chamber of Commerce, 145 S Clark St., as soon as possible. 
  • If you have found the medallion in the past, you and your family members are not eligible. 

Hey! It’s Medallion Hunt Twenty-nineteen! We hope you’re all ready to read in between the lines of our clues and search in the cold to find the medallion of shiny bright gold!

Clue #1 in 2019 Forest City Medallion Hunt

A cool hiding place, some great sponsors-it’s time for fun!
Our annual medallion hunt begins today.
So come on, let’s play.
You might find it quick, you might read to the end.
Advanced Door Systems opens us up with Clue #1

Clue #2

The thrill of the hunt, clue-chasers all over town.
We’ve tucked it away, but within view of a nice tree.
And soon, we’ll start narrowing it down.
Check it out with today’s sponsor, Forest Plaza.

Clue #3

Not on the edge, but nearing the middle. In rows,
in order, there it is, some grist for the riddle.
Today’s clue sponsor is Siegrist, Jones & Bakke Law Office. 

Clue #4

A few of these places circulate in our nice, friendly town. 
Four, maybe five. But only one has that gem when you
arrive, says today’s sponsor, 3M. 

Clue #5

If you know your ABCs, this year’s wrap-up could be a breeze,
so let us thank today’s clue sponsorat MBT Bank.

Clue #6

For reference, think of this place and of streets that end with an ark.
Today’s sponsor, JED’s Lights & Sounds, says look around and you’ll make your mark.

Clue #7

If it seems like it connects, it isn’t fiction—you’re mighty close to what’s next. Clue No. 7, this is, from the folks at FCIS. 

Clue #8

They’re getting a new home but we didn’t go inside.
So inviting, we just had to hide! Today’s clue comes from Metro by
T Mobile: with an extra word: outside!

Clue #9

They have real page-turners, dog-eared, often borrowed.
No stumper but two straightforward clues, brought to you by Scoopy-Doos.

Clue #10

It’s all good for what grows between your ears.
If you’re still “stumped”, or have backed into a corner,
oh, dears. Our hunt is at an end and we wish you the best.
Our final clue’s sponsor is KIOW, our good friend.