Puckerbrush Days 2020

The Forest City Chamber of Commerce has made the difficult decision to cancel Forest City’s 2020 Puckerbrush Days in response to challenges presented by COVID-19. The safety of our members, businesses, and community is our top priority. Puckerbrush Days has been Forest City’s largest community celebration since 1986 so this decision was not made lightly.  

Puckerbrush Days is a four day annual community celebration in July that offers over 30 activities for community members and guests. The Puckerbrush parade, Rotary chicken dinner, fireworks, battle of the businesses, fire truck rides, craft show and dog agility demonstration are just a few of the exciting activities offered during the event each year.

The history behind the unique name of the celebration is an unusual one. Early on, the town was surrounded by a dense bush called Puckerbrush. The bush had a berry on it and when eaten, it would make you pucker. Although the bush has long been gone from Forest City, the name stands as a symbol of the city’s history.

Three years ago, several community members, spearheaded by local resident Scott Meinders successfully revitalized and rebranded the 4 day event with a focus on entertainment, outdoor activities, and a new committee with many energetic volunteers. This committee continues to dedicate time and effort to improve the Puckerbrush Days event.

The Chamber of Commerce and the Puckerbrush Days committee agreed that Puckerbrush Days needs to be a full-on celebration. Most of the Puckerbrush events involve larger gatherings of people and that’s what makes it very special for so many of us in the community. “Based on the information we have now and the COVID-19 guidelines for social distancing and large gatherings, we feel that canceling the event is the responsible thing to do,” said Norma Hertzer, Executive Director Chamber of Commerce. 

The Puckerbrush committee will be meeting later in the year to begin planning for Puckerbrush Days 2021.

The Chamber of Commerce would like to thank our community and our local businesses for their continued support, particularly during this challenging season.  Advocating for our business members, and to improving the business climate in and around Forest City will continue to be a priority for this organization.