Mansion Museum

Mansion Museum



The Mansion Museum was built in 1899 for banker Charley Thompson and his young family. Across the street, Thompson later commissioned the building of the Summit Hotel, which today houses City Hall. In 1945, the Mansion was converted into a hotel and in 1977, was acquired and restored by the Winnebago Historical Society. Today the Mansion is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

We invite you to tour the Mansion and experience the turn-of-the-century grandeur of this local treasure! In addition to experiencing how the young Charley Thompson family lived over a century ago, you will see several exhibits showcasing the stories of our local history. New in 2012 is the special exhibit “Motor Homes: The Photo History of an American Tradition,” which features the largest known photo collection of its kind in the world.

While at the Mansion, be sure to stop by the south wing and visit the new Leibrand-Whiteis Historical Center. Here you can explore the one-of-a-kind collection unique local stories, photos, and genealogical information acquired through several decades of research by two local historians, who generously donated their expansive collections to the Winnebago Historical Society.

Come discover this rich history!

*Visit our website at: for the Mansion Museum’s and Leibrand-Whiteis Historical Center’s  hours of operation.   Both are also open by appointment.

*Group tours of the museum or research at the Leibrand-Whiteis Historical Center may be arranged anytime.
*Call Ruth Leibrand at 641-585-2584 or Carol Whiteis at 641-585-2308 for more information or to arrange your special tour.