Winnebago Outdoor Adventure Race 2016

Adventure Race Button2016Join in the fun at the Winnebago Outdoor Adventure Race on June 4, 2015 in Forest City, IA! 
This race is organized by Forest City Parks and Recreation Department and is designed for teams and individuals interested in the challenge and excitement of an adventure race.  All ability levels are welcome at the race. This is a fun, supportive race  for first-timers and the more experienced racer.  Family and friends are encouraged to watch and join participants for a lunch on the Winnebago Rally Grounds following the Race.

Course Overview:

The course starts with a 2.25 canoe/kayak race from Oak Knoll Circle, to the Winnebago Rally Grounds on the Winnebago River. This is followed by a 12 mile bike race from the Rally Grounds to Pilot Knob State Park. The race finishes with a 5k run around the rally grounds. The course has one transition area from which participants will begin bicycling and running portions of the race.

fees are $30.00 per person REGISTER HERE

Winnebago Outdoor is the title sponsor for the race.